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3 Steps to Sell You House For Cash Fast

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We analyze the property details and set up a time to come look at the property.


Get Your Cash Offer

We provide a great CASH offer regardless of the condition of the house.


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We close as fast as the title company can close which is usually around 3 to 5 days.

Plano Fast Cash Offer

Do you have a situation with your house that requires a quick solution?  Do you have an unwanted house or a house that needs too many repairs?  Have you ever asked yourself, How do I sell my house quickly in Plano , or Who will purchase my house for cash in our area?  Worry no more!  Integrity All Cash Home Buyers is the answer to your questions. We are a local home buyer in the Plano area.  We specialize in creative solutions for every real estate problem that people experience.

End the frustrations of selling your home in Plano . Let us purchase your house now, despite its condition. With our experience in this field, we will immediately help you create a solution to the problem by giving you some options that will bring you peace of mind from the stress of not knowing what to do.  Even if selling to us is not the best solution for you, we will steer you in the right direction and help you get to the best outcome.  Sell your property the most convenient and quickest way for more cash than the other investors are willing to pay. We care about the people we work with and receive more from helping create a win-win solution to all real estate issues than a lot of other investment company’s who only focus on the bottom line.

Want to sell your house fast without having to make costly repairs, show the house dozens of times, and wait for a buyer to be approved for financing? Well, then Integrity All Cash Home Buyers is ready to buy your house cash right now.

Whether you inherited your house, are behind on payments, going through a death or divorce, facing foreclosure, already moved, or just want to get rid of your Plano house, we are here to help.

Sell My House for Cash in Plano

Integrity All Cash Home Buyers are looking for houses in any condition. Let us take over the annoyance of that undesired property. Sell your house and sell it quickly.  NO REPAIRS are required letting you move quicker and easier by selling your house as-is.

Are you avoiding foreclosure? Are you facing a divorce? Are you moving to another city? Upside down mortgage? Have too many repairs to make?  No money to make repairs? Regardless of the situation we can help you find a solution.

Let’s face it. The traditional home selling experience is a pain and can be frightening.

If you have a property and seriously need to sell without experiencing traditional selling headaches and timelines to close, we want to make a reasonable cash offer and close it on your timeline.   

Contact us today for a free assessment and cash offer.

Integrity All Cash Home Buyers purchase houses in the Plano area and throughout the community.

Do you own a house that you need to sell and don’t have the time or money to fix it up and wait the long selling process?  No matter what situation or circumstance you may be facing or what condition your house is in, we are here to help you get to a solution.

We are your local real estate investors in Plano.  We have assisted a lot of families like yours who own a house that they needed to sell for whatever reason.  With our fast and efficient process, we can have you a cash offer and be on our way to closing as soon as you need.


Selling a house traditionally can be Long and Frustrating.

The traditional process for selling a home in Plano is:

  1. Interview real estate agents and sign a listing contract to pay them a 6% commission to put a sign in your yard and place a listing in the MLS.
  2. Taking money out of your savings for costly repairs/upgrades so the home will sell.
  3. Paying around 2% of the sales price in closing costs & charges on top of the realtors 6% commission.
  4. Months of your house sitting on the market not knowing when it will sell or for how much.
  5. Keeping the house absolutely spotless clean until a buyer offers to buy it.
  6. Leaving your house multiple times a day for showings.
  7. Finally getting an offer that works and then having to give the buyer an inspection period where they have a week or 2 to decide if they want to buy the house and what other repairs they want you to agree to making in order to move forward or backing out of the contract and leaving you looking for another buyer.
  8. Finally getting an agreeable buyer and making all the requested repairs only to find out that the buyer’s funding fell through or the appraisal came back for less than your agreed price and the buyer walks away leaving you back at square one.

If that was exhausting to read, you should try experiencing it.

No-Obligation, Fair Offer

Once we know more about your house and situation, we can structure a no obligation offer that will be fair and we can close as soon as your ready.  No commissions or fees.  Please fill out the form below to get your questions answer.



I Want To Sell My House Fast!

Integrity All Cash Home Buyers makes the selling method straightforward and hassle-free.

As a company, we pride ourselves on be honest and straightforward with everyone we do business with.  There are a lot of people in this business that are more focused on how much profit they can make and don’t really care if they are creating a win-win environment with their buyers and sellers.  We like figuring out ways to make the most competitive offer and make sure that the deal is not one sided.  Our creativity allows us to make offers that give you the best outcome possible.


Do You Need To Sell Your House in Plano?

We can buy your Plano house As-Is.

 Even if your house needs thousands of dollars in repair, we want to buy it.

Selling to us has a number of advantages.

  • You won’t need to tidy up and repair the house.
  • You won’t have to spend a lot of time finding a buyer and waiting for them to close.
  • You won’t have to pay a real estate agent commission.
  • You will get an honest and straightforward experience and you will feel confident and sure that we will do what we say.

Decrease your stress and give us an opportunity to show you how quick and easy we make finding a cash buyer in Plano.  One that will treat you fair and not take advantage of your situation, but instead will give you the respect you deserve and will work hard to create the best win-win solution that you can feel good about and be confident of your decision when selling your house.

We work differently at Integrity All Cash Home Buyers. When you contact us we are quick to respond and will give you a fair all-cash offer on your house within 2 to 4 hours.  Once we have came to an agreement we will make sure that the rest of the process runs smooth and will get you to the cash you need as quickly as you are ready to close.


we buy ugly houses

Are you in one of these situations?

Selling a house can be a long, frustrating process. Integrity All Cash Home Buyers provides you with a cash offer, closing in as little as 3 to 5 days without all the hassle.

  • Do you own a distressed house?
  • Are you trying to sell your house as-is?
  • Is your home worth less than you owe the mortgage company?
  • Will your home not pass inspection?
  • Have you missed payments?
  • Are you in the middle of a divorce, separation, or death?
  • Have you recently changed jobs and need to move fast?
  • Are you in the middle of foreclosure?
  • Do you just need to get out of your house fast?

How It Works

Selling Your House in Plano Can Be Fast and Easy!

From the moment you contact us to sell your Plano house till your closing date and beyond, our process is smooth, proven, and as easy as it comes.

  1. Step 1: You contact us by filling out a form or calling us.
  2. Step 2: We discuss your situation and decide whether or not we can help.
  3. Step 3: We schedule an appointment to see the property and meet you there.
  4. Step 4: We determine how we can help and choices that work for you based on what you need.
  5. Step 5: We calculate and present our highest offer and an arrangement that will work.
  6. Step 6: We fill out a simple 3-page agreement that demonstrates what we both agree to.
  7. Step 7: We close in as little as 3 to 5 business days or on a date you prefer.

Get Rid Of The Middle Man

Most of the investors in this industry are in the wholesale business.  They will make you an all cash offer but will not be the ones to actually buy your house.  Instead, they send out a message to other cash buyers around the area and will sell their contract between you and them to another investor for more money than they contracted with you for.  The problem is that if they can’t sell the contract to another investor for the profit they want to make, they will come back to you and tell you they can’t buy your house unless you lower your asking price.  Otherwise, they cancel the contract and leave you back at square 1.  To keep that from happening, you will want to ask anyone who is offering a cash offer to include a non-refundable earnest money deposit of at least $3,000 to $5,000.  Most wholesale investors will not want to risk that kind of cash for fear of loosing it if they can not sell the contract at the agreed upon price.  By doing this you will know that the person your working with can and will close and you wont have wasted time with someone who may not.

Cash For Homes in Plano

We work differently at Integrity All Cash Home Buyers. When you reach us and tell us a little about your house, we will give you a reasonable all-cash offer on your house in less than 24 hours. The good news is, we will put a cash deposit on our offer as soon as we come to an agreement with you.  You pick the closing date.  Regardless of the condition of the house, or even if there are occupants that you don’t want to kick out, don’t worry about it!  We helping them get moved after we close.

When looking for a We Buy Houses company or companies that purchase houses, there is no other option than Integrity All Cash Home Buyers. 

We are a company who has a great track record for treating people with respect and honestly and always doing what we say we will do.  Even if it doesn’t turn out as good for us as we originally thought, we will follow through on our commitments. 

No matter what situation you are in with your house, our mission is to help alleviate your stress, frustrations and make this process as convenient as possible.  


We are local to Plano

When you need to sell a house in a rush, you want to work with someone who knows your market and can act quickly to help you get it done.  Integrity All Cash Home Buyers is local and knows the Plano market well.  We can quickly determine the prices in your area which helps us give you the best offer fast.  We have been solving problems and situations home owners face everyday since 2010.  With that kind of experience, we are more than capable of moving forward quickly with a fair offer and will not be coming back to you a week later telling you we made a mistake and can’t buy your house at the price we said.  There are a lot of investors out there that do that.

So, if you want to sell your house fast, we buy houses in Plano. To get the process started, or if you wish to get some further information to sell a house quickly in PlanoContact us today!

Integrity All Cash Home Buyers can help prevent Foreclosure on your Plano house and will help you halt the foreclosure sale.  You can get foreclosure help with one call to Integrity All Cash Home Buyers.


Committed To Serving Plano Homeowners

We began this real estate business in 2010 when we noticed a lack of companies out there assisting homeowners suffering from the several situations and circumstances that have been listed. Those businesses lacked the heart and the experience to get the job done.  So, we promised to make our clients our top priority.  We want to show the brighter side of selling your house to an investment group. When you sell your house in Plano to Integrity All Cash Home Buyers, your going to be treated with respect and fairness and with a fair cash offer for your house we will make sure the deal is mutually beneficial.  In addition we will make sure we are transparent throughout the whole process.  We will also help you get moved if needed.

So if you need to sell your house quickly, give us a call today.  We are ready to buy your home fast and pay you cash for your house!  We purchase houses for cash fast.  If you’ve been looking to sell my home in Plano, call us now for an offer.  You will know in 7 minutes or less if we can help you.  Sell your house in just days.  Call or fill out the form below, and we will contact you right away.  What do you have to lose?  Call us today!


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